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Orders above $99 free shipping Aus wide, orders above $50 free shipping Melbourne (T&C's apply)
Orders above $99 free shipping Aus wide, orders above $50 free shipping Melbourne (T&C's apply)

About Us

Who we are?

Graina is a bulk food business with a simple aim to "Make Sustainable Living Easy". It is founded by two immigrants who now call Australia their home. 
Households currently contribute ~1.2MT of plastic to landfill and only 9% is recycled. Our aim is to reduce households single use plastic waste and consequent environmental impacts.  We do this by providing customers a safe, sustainable way of buying daily use food items that they love to eat. Providing quality products at a competitive pricing along with great service is what makes us apart from other similar businesses. 

About the founders: 

Graina was founded by Rohan and Parul in 2015 (Ideation and the work started in June 2015, but operations started in 2016). Both were really frustrated with the amount of plastic waste that was being generated through regular grocery shopping. Since their cooking involved a lot of spices, lentils, rice and flour all these were only available in plastic packaging. Their frustration was growing and reached a threshold where both decided to do something about it. And literally put all their money into creating a business that they can be proud of. 
Rohan came to Australia as a 19 year old from India in 1999 to study a Double degree in Bachelor of Communication Engineering/Bachelor of Computer Science. After a gruelling 5 year course at RMIT university he graduated with honours and joined financial services industry. After gaining permanent residency, Parul and Rohan got married in India. Soon after Rohan took Australian citizenship and Parul immigrated from India to Australia. 
Rohan and Parul both worked in corporate environment and while the life was comfortable there was always this thought of adding more value to society and then through the result of their own frustration they thought of starting a Bulkfood business that not only add value to community but also environment. 
Once they decided that the best way to contribute more (to society) from their lives is to start a business then Parul quit her job and started to work on this idea and we opened the first store in May-2016 in Moonee Ponds. It was never going to be easy, and the first two years were very very tough to get the business going but with innovative services like Fresh Nut Mylks in reusable glass bottles and Dairy milk along with the latest introduction of luxury skin care products in reusable packaging, the business has seen consistent growth and customers like our evolving product range, Our friendly service, Quality/Freshness of our product, and importantly the experience of buying products exactly the volume they need. Each gram providing goodness of health and taste, hence the slogan 'Goodness in Grams'. 
Apart from looking after the business, Parul loves spending time with the kids (daughter (Aleina) and son (Amay)) and Rohan is an avid sports fan (devoted to Bombers in AFL) and loves playing (and coaching) cricket. They currently (as at 2023) live in Strathmore. 

Our Mission:

Our mission is quite simple "Make Sustainable Living Easy". Our aim is to
  1. Reduce Plastic waste from going into landfill
  2. Reduce food waste by allowing customers to buy as much or as little as they want

Our point of difference: 

  • Customer Service: our team members are focussed on providing personalised customer service to our customers. Be it, that you need Almond butter in your container or to ask about which spice would go into a Morrocan stew! 
  • Product Quality: We only deal with suppliers that can provide high quality products which the customers like. 
  • Focus On Sustainability: We continuously invest and look for innovative ways to provide new products and services to customers and help reduce packaging waste.
  • Customer Loyalty Offering: Who doesnt love a good deal? and at Graina we provide you bucket loads of 'Goodness in Grams'. As a member one of the feature offer is getting 20% off once a month

Graina's Future

We are focussed on providing Graina's choices and service to as many customers as possible. For this no option is off the table. If you are keen to have a business and would like to partner then reach out and we may be able to work something out. Our philosophy is simple in whatever decisions we make (1) Is it good for the planet (compared to current process) and (2) Is it good for our customers. If the above two are answered Yes, then we make it possible provided its within our financial reach. 
We will always be investing in ways to provide new services and products to customers in a sustainable way. We believe in our mission and we believe that our customers will support us on an ongoing basis.