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Posted on April 29, 2019 by admin

Why You Should Ditch Dairy Milk And Switch To Nut “Mylk”

A lot of us are starting to realise just how unnecessary dairy is becoming these days. Why stick to something when it does more harm than good, right? The continuous consumption of dairy milk is harmful to once health in the long run; if you want a comprehensive article about this you can leave a comment below. In this article however, I am sharing the rise in the consumption of nut ‘’mylk’’ and why it is so much better than dairy milk.

What is Nut Mylk?

Nut mylk is derived from plants and seeds instead of animals, they are totally healthy and rich in just about every essential nutrient you need every day. You do not even need to be vegan before you learn the benefits of plant based mylks. There is quite a range of nut mylk that you should know’; you can derive nut mylk

from cashew, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, almonds, pecans, walnut seeds.

Why Switch to Nut Mylk?

Nut mylk –whichever you choose – is low in calories. Calories are basically the enemy of anyone on a diet. I know because I have been there. We are always opting for food sources that do not impose us with calories that we do not need. Nut mylk is your go-to source. Its low caloric content makes it a better choice to dairy milk which is quite fatty and creamy.

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Nut mylks such as almond milk has been tested to help reduce blood sugar. Its low sugar content and natural nutty flavour has made it the best choice for diabetic patients and basically everyone. It is low in carbs and contains no grain as well. Imagine having the opportunity to make you own milk all by yourself especially almond milk.

DIY-ing your food is the rage these days not just because it a creative way of controlling what enters your body, it also means you are spending less on packaged foods. Nut mylks are less expensive and help you save more money whilst promoting a healthy eating habit.

Nut mylk is also a good source of vitamin D. You might want to opt for almond milk or soy milk for your growing kids because they will need a food source that increases bone growth and development. There really is not a better way to explain to you why you need to switch to plant based milks today, perhaps knowing they help reduce the risk of heart disease might help too.

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Where to Buy Nut Mylk?

These are available at bulk stores all across Melbourne so you do not need to worry about running out of them. You can read our article on the benefit of shopping at bulk food stores. I will be sharing the reasons why you should ditch dairy milk and switch to nut mylk right now! And not to worry, you can find almond milk across stores in Melbourne, such as Graina

. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to connect with us.

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