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Graina Bulk Food Store: Organic Tea Melbourne

Q: After water what drink is most widely consumed in the world?

A: Tea

Origination of Tea has been widely known to be from China i.e. Southwest China.  Its origination lies in use of different cured leaves as medicine, however it became popular as a recreational drink during Tang Dynasty.  From China it spread to other Asian countries, and Portuguese were responsible for introduction tea to Europe.

Briton made tea fashionable in the 17th century and started mass production in India to break the Chinese monopoly of the tea leaves. The word Tea was made famous by the Dutch who traded tea from China to Europe. The other word Chai came from Persia and now is commonly used for Indian tea’s. Tea is mainly grown in tropical and subtropical climate. Tea plants also require a minimum of 127 cm of rainfall a year.

There are many different variety of teas, however Organic Tea’s are now becoming popular due to their strong flavour and great aroma. One of the clearest distinction is that the organic teas are grown without the use of chemical fertilizer, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. At Graina, Organic teas are sold in loose leaf format. You can buy as much or as little as you want.  Organic teas in Melbourne are becoming quite popular as a winter and summer drinks. Graina has a wide variety of Organic Tea in Melbourne, such as:

Single herb Organic tea Melbourne

    Blended organic tea Melbourne

  • 1.Lemongrass and ginger Organic tea
  • 2.Energiser organic tea
  • 3.Detox blend organic tea
  • 4.Breastfeeding mix organic tea
  • 5.Chai spice mix (black tea)
  • 6.Warming digestive organic tea
  • 7.Turmeric blend organic tea
  • 8.Turmeric latte blend / Golden latte blend
  • 9.Drinking chocolate organic

    Tea’s are helpful in quite a lot of ailments for example:

  • 1.If you feel bloated after dinner and need help with digestion then our Blend of Warming Digestive organic tea would be best suited.  To check / buy this organic tea online.
  • 2.For new mum’s, to help increase lactation try our blend of breastfeeding organic tea. To check / buy this organic tea online.
  • 3.To help your liver clean up, try our detox tea. To check / buy this organic tea online.

You may find many places to buy Organic tea online. However Melbourne’s freshest and the best quality to buy organic tea online is at Graina.  Our suppliers are the best in the market to source great quality organic tea for our customers to buy organic tea online. They are masterful in sourcing these tea’s from small farmers from all around the world.

Winter or Summer, tea is a perfect company to have with you. It takes only 3 minutes to make on cuppa with no sugar, milk or any additives required to enjoy and relax.

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