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I am a firm believer in bulk shopping. Each time I visit a bulk food store in Melbourne, I make it my personal mission to make sure to buy the edibles in bulk quantity, so I can save time and money in the future.  I have recently acquired the fact that a shopper is more likely to save approximately 89% by buying organic foods in bulk, and I have been buying food in bulk religiously. In addition to that, I would like to mention that we celebrate the National Bulk Foods Day on the October 23rd each year in Australia, and the day allows the people to step forward to shop for their edibles collectively. I have come to terms that shopping for food in bulk from bulk food store in Melbourne

is considerably the easiest way to contribute to the betterment of the environment, and it has benefited me in the following ways.

Limit the Use of Product Packaging

When I started shopping for edibles in bulk from organic food store, I was intrigued by the idea of limiting the product packaging to save space. I learned that the packaging of food makes up approximately 8% of the total cost of the food. I started buying food in larger quantities, as it required me to save less space for the packaging to store the edibles.

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Cut Down on Transportation

I live a hectic life in Melbourne, and I have to keep up with the challenges of handling a job and family to move forward in my life. While I take immense pride in organizing my kitchen and catering to the needs of my family, it could be overwhelming if I am making constant trip to an organic food store to purchase raw edibles for my kitchen. It requires me to take time out of my busy schedule, and run to the store to be able to purchase the items on my list.

Ever since I have started shopping for food in bulk from a wholefood store, it has significantly saved me from the hassle of rushing to the food store to buy edibles for my family and guests. I can simply go to my kitchen, and take out the required ingredients from my shelf, and indulge in preparing meals for the day. Alternatively, I could buy organic food online to stock up organic food in my kitchen.

Stock for Extended Periods

I strongly emphasize on the idea of purchasing food in bulk; however, I make sure that the edibles have a long shelf life, so I could utilize them accordingly. I am inclined to buy dried fruits, nuts, oatmeal, cereal, and pasta in bulk, and I can rest knowing that my cabinets are equipped with foods, so I do not have to rush to the store to purchase the required edibles.

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Make Your Own Meals

Stocking up food in bulk allows me to experiment with the edibles to make my own recipe. I can simply buy oatmeal or nuts in abundance, and I can utilize the edibles to prepare pasta salad, homemade soup, dips, or condiments. In addition to that, I can also make concoctions using raw materials, which allow me to save money on purchasing pre-packaged mixes for a specific meal.

Reduced Concerns to Dispose Food

When storing my kitchen cabinets with edibles, I am always concerned about the accumulation of plastic bottles, paperboard boxes, and miscellaneous food packaging in the cupboards. It raises my concerns on how to store the correct amount of food, without disposing it first. I am aware of the fact that the cabinets are designed to store a proportionate quantity of food in them, and the larger sizes of food are more likely to have a low ratio of packaging, which ensures that I will be able to waste a small quantity of plastic wrapper and boxes.

Wrap Up

My experience with buying food in bulk

has improved my lifestyle to an extent, and I often recommend my friends and colleagues to buy food in bulk to reap excellent economical and environmental benefits from it. I have not simply limited bulk buying to food but, I also indulge in buying toiletries and cleaning supplies in bulk, and I like to take my time to store the additional supplies in my cabinets. Like many others, if you are looking for a trusted bulk food store, look no further than Graina, a reputable bulk food store known to offer high quality products at sensible prices.

Food Capital of Australia

One of the greatest things about Melbourne is the food. Variety is something you just don’t get in more rural communities. The choice of bulk and natural food stores at hand in Melbourne Is amazing. For example some of the specialty stores you can find are:

Melbourne really is the food capital of Australia. With a diverse cultural foundation and respect for the arts it makes for an interesting landscape to be a part of. Melbourne’s counter cultural sway also means that there are infinite options available for vegan and vegetarian living if you lean that way.  Walk a few hundred meters in any direction and you’ll be sure to run into a vegan restaurant, café or natural food store full of organic sustainably sourced goodies.

4 Benefits of Bulk Food Stores

Bulk food stores can help out not only financially but reduce your environmental impact as well. As a side note, organic food in Melbourne is quite easy to come across. If you are rurally located your best bet would be to try a farmers market or grow your own.

1. Reduce Your Food Costs

Buying your food in bulk from a natural food store like Graina is generally cheaper than a supermarket. This is because you are not paying for packing or brand names and are buying in smaller quantities (you only have to get what you need). All you need to do is bring your jars and containers from home and have them refilled. As a result over-shopping has become a thing of the past. Bring your own containers to Graina Bulk Food Store and receive a %5 discount.

2. Reduce Waste

Since there is no packaging and you are able to provide your own containers, a huge chunk of waste is being cut out of the process. Product goes straight from the wholesalers into the tubs at the bulk food store. Great for cutting out single use plastics.

3. Fresher Product

Buying the exact quantity of food you need means that you won’t have packets sitting around in your cupboard going stale. Added to this, bulk food stores generally buy in smaller quantities and refresh stock more frequently. That way the store itself has fresher, higher quality produce. God knows how long some of those packets have been sitting on supermarket shelves.

4. Ethical Shopping

This is something that has really caught fire in Melbourne and is a good practice to get into. Single use plastics such as packaging and shopping bags are destroying the environment at an unprecedented and unmanageable rate. Most natural food stores around Melbourne run with a ‘plastic free’ practice so you can feel good about where you are getting your food.

The Verdict

Organic plastic free shopping is the way of the future. Natural food stores in Melbourne provide people with an easy way of shopping sustainably. If you live in Melbourne or are lucky enough to have access to a bulk food store

then rejoice. If you like saving money and reducing your carbon footprint this will be right up your alley.

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