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Three Health Benefits of Gluten-free Organic Pasta – Graina Bulk Food Store

Organic is a buzzword in the food community. But just what is organic? Organic food refers to those grown without the use of man-made fertilizers or pesticides. To qualify, the plants must also be raised without the use of growth regulators. This includes genetically modified organisms. They are perfectly natural and may not have the most appealing attributes. But they are healthy, just like our topic for today, Gluten free organic pasta.

That is how pasta is supposed to be: organic. Hundreds of years back, Italians did not have chemical pesticides. They also did not have the science to genetically modify plants. This was good because the wheat used for pasta was pure and not adulterated with chemicals. Today, most foods are ridden with bad elements and are actually doing more damage than good to our body. All the more reason to buy gluten free pasta. Let us explore the many health benefits of Gluten-free organic pasta such as rice veg penne pasta and organic tri grain fusilli.

1.Provides Sustained Energy

If you buy gluten free pasta such as rice veg penne or organic tri grain fusilli, you are guaranteed that it is rich in glucose. Glucose is an element that provides the fuel for our body and brain need to function normally. Pasta is one of the best sources of carbohydrates.  The other is rice. Pasta has a kind of complex sugar that releases energy slowly over time. Other sources of sugar, like chocolate, can only provide a short burst of energy.

A cup of Gluten free organic pasta can provide you about 37 grams of carbohydrates. Studies show that about 65% of the calories you need on a daily basis must come from carbohydrates. And they must come from sources like whole grains, legumes, and vegetables.

2.Rich Source of Fiber

Another reason to buy gluten free pasta is that it is rich in dietary fiber. This promotes good digestive health and helps lower the blood pressure. In addition, Gluten free organic pasta also helps reduce cholesterol levels. With enough dietary fiber from Gluten free organic pasta, you improve your bowel movement, make it regular, and helps aid you in weight management.

High fiber foods like Gluten free organic pasta can also help reduce the risk of heart diseases. Studies found a link between fiber intake and heart problems. Research shows that high fiber intake can help you reduce your risks of a heart disease by as much as 40%.

3. Reduces the Risk of Cancer

Studies show that an adequate amount of folate from Gluten free organic pasta can help reduce the risk of lung cancer. Other types of cancer that it helps reduce are colon cancer, breast cancer, and esophageal cancer.

Wondering Where to Buy Gluten-free Organic Pasta?

When you buy gluten free organic pasta, it is like insuring yourself from cancer. This is because gluten free organic pasta is rich in folic acid. Folate is a vitamin that plays a huge role in the formation of nucleic acids and DNA synthesis. It is a process by which your cells repair damages. This also allows them to differentiate themselves and their functions from one another. Physical abnormalities, and cancer, are linked to lack of folate.

Gluten free organic pasta can be dubbed as the king of carbohydrates and organic foods. Not only does it provide you with sustainable energy, it also provides you protection from ailments. And even if it is rich in carbohydrates, it is low on Glycemic Index. This means that it does not cause your blood sugar level to rise quickly.  Other foods that provide high carbohydrate content do otherwise.

This is probably why it has become a tradition for many athletes to eat pasta just before the big event. They stick themselves with adequate energy just before the game. To get the most out of it, athletes eat Gluten free organic pasta with other healthy organic foods like quinoa, vegetables, tomatoes sauce, and fruits.

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