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Graina Bulk Food Store: Organic Rice

Organic means that no harmful chemicals were used in growing of the product.  Organic Rice is grown without the use any harmful chemicals. Generally Organic Rice yields are much smaller than generic rice therefore the price for Organic Rice is a lot expensive compared to conventional rice.

Organic Rice Or Conventional Rice is a cereal grain and the most consumed staple food in the world. Organic Rice or Conventional Rice grain is the most important grain with regard to human nutrition and caloric intake.

Organic Rice or Conventional Rice is typically classified as short, Medium or long grain rice.  Generally Long grain rice doesn’t break and is not as sticky compared to medium and short grained. Organic rice medium grain is used for cooking risotto, where as stickier version of the organic rice medium grain is extensively used in Japan as a sushi rice. Organic rice short grain is generally used in making of puddings.

One other variety that is highly popular is the Organic Rice Basmati that is used to eat with curries and dal or in Biryani.  Grain of this variety of Organic Rice is the longest of any other variety and is termed as a the king of rice.

Organic rice such as Black, Red, Brown are now being used in many cuisines in Melbourne.  Restaurants and the patrons are experiencing different cuisines using these rice types. Now these organic rice can be bought online at GRAINA.

Organic Brown Rice is available in three varieties in Graina:

Organic Brown Medium Grain Rice – Parboiled – that is the rice has been boiled to remove any impurities and then dried before packaging. Since the rice is par-boiled therefore the cooking time is reduced.

– Bio-dynamic medium grain rice – Australian produced and grown using Organic processes.

– Organic Brown Rice Basmati – A long grain rice.

Organic Brown rice is generally thought to be healthier as it contains more fiber due to the rice not being dehusked.  A white rice is a husked rice i.e the husk of the rice is removed and therefore you see the rice as white.

You can also buy the following Rice online at Graina:

White Basmati Rice

Organic Rice Black – High in anti-oxidants and proteins.

Organic Rice Red – Highest in protein in comparison to other rice.

Organic Rice Wild or Conventional Wild Rice (Subject to availability)

Organic Rice Black and Red are heavier to consume compared to their white and brown compatriots. Usually Organic Rice Black and Red are used with salads, in comparison to Organic Rice Brown is consumed with Curries or Daal.

Rice provides essential carbohydrates required by the body however eating too much of rice can turn to those carbs into Fat. So the consumption should be kept in check, however Organic Rice Brown, Black and Red should be looked at being substitutes for white.

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