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Plant Mylk (order form)


We add Xanthum gum and sea salt in our mylks. Please advice staff if you are allergic to any nuts and seeds.
Made and processed in the facility which also handles other nuts and tree nuts.

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We use Xanthum Gum and Lecithin as emulsifier

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Graina Plant based Mylk are made from fresh ingredients without any preservatives being used.

Our philosophy of circular economy is engrained in our process of making delicious, customised Plant Based (nut) Mylks based on customers preference. Using concepts of circular economy we ensure there is no waste and the packaging is reused.

Zero waste philosophy:

  • Providing reusable packaging: Use Graina Mylk bottles (pay for it once) and then swap/re-use/re-fill at Graina. We sanitise the bottles before using them.
  • No waste: New machines that we use for making Nut Mylk utilises the whole of the nut and there is no waste left.

Customised Plant Based (Nut) Mylks : You can choose different type of nuts, organic/conventional, add flavours?(chocolate anyone!). Get a plant based (Nut) Mylk that is Made For You with Your Choices.

Delicious Plant Based (Nut) Mylks :

  • We use 7 times more nuts to make our mylk compared to generic brands available in supermarket.
  • No artificial sweetners or preservatives added.
  • We use Xanthum gum as emulsifier in our mylk to give it a great texture.
  • Our freshly made Nut Mylks have a expiry of approximately 5-6 days from the time its manufactured.

Time to make Plant Based (Nut) Mylks : We need a days time to ensure the Mylk is made with love, care and freshness that you deserve. This type of service is FIRST OF A KIND. We are learning and improving every day.

Allergen warning: Other tree nuts and traces of peanuts might be present in the nut mylk. Same machine is utilised for making all kind plant based (nut) mylks (i.e other tree nuts including peanuts).

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Dimensions 5 × 8 × 5 cm


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