Organic Fruit Free Paleo Muesli

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Our 100% fruit free muesli makes the perfect accompaniment to berries, coconut yoghurt or sprinkled on top of just about anything. (It’s great on pork!)

It’s lightly oven baked, giving it a crunchy texture and with the addition of maple syrup & coconut oil…you will love the taste & aroma.

This delicious muesli has all the right type of nuts & seeds, ensuring it is nutrient rich, high in all the right fats and gentle on your tummy.

100% paleo is:

grain free
gluten free
dairy free
vegan friendly
hand made
All made by hand using the utmost care and love.

Shipped to you in resealable container.

Store in an airtight glass jar for optimum use.
INGREDIENTS: Biodynamic Almonds, Organic Brazil Nuts, Organic Pepitas, Organic Sunflower seeds, Organic shredded coconut, Organic coconut flakes, cinnamon, Organic coconut oil, Organic maple syrup

Dimensions8 × 5 × 5 cm

100g, 250g, 500g, 1000g

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