Cashew Honey Roasted

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Honey roasted cashews are a sublime fusion of golden dry roasted cashew nuts and a sweet honey coating. Cashews are high in calories.

Ingredients: Cashews 57% (Vietnam), sugar, modified starch (1404), Honey 0.12%.?

100 g of nuts provide 553 calories. They are packed with soluble dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and numerous health-promoting phyto-chemicals that help protect from diseases and cancer. HIGH IN HEART FRIENDLY FATS | RICH IN COPPER, SELENIUM AND ZINC 100 g of cashew nut provides daily average%: Fat 146%, Carbs 23%, Protein 32.5%, Cholesterol 0. Vitamin E 35%, Potassium 14%. COPPER 244%, Iron 83.5%, Magnesium 73%, Phosphorous 85%, SELENIUM 36%, ZINC 52.5%. Selenium helps in creating most powerful antioxidant in the body. Product of Australia (Made from imported and local ingredients)

Dimensions8 × 5 × 5 cm

100g, 250g, 500g, 1000g

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