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Three Great Reasons to Eat Cashews – Graina Bulk Food Store

Cashews are what we may call super nut. And roasted cashews are found in many, if not all, supermarkets. They belong to the same family of plants mangoes and pistachio. Cashew is a kidney shaped seed that is normally found in tropical countries but they were originally found only on the coasts of Brazil but were later grown around the world.

Roasted cashews are one of those nuts with low fibre content. However, what roasted cashews lack in fibre they make up for with antioxidants, vitamins, copper, and other minerals. Cashew is known to help the body develop a healthy heart and improve muscle function.

It also boosts the formation of blood cells and improve our immune system. Add to that the fact that it helps develop strong bones. Organic raw cashew is also known to relieve patients of the debilitating pains of diabetes, anaemia, and gallstones. Let us explore its benefits and see how we can gain the best out of them.

Roasted Cashews Prevent Heart Diseases

Heart diseases is one of the leading cause of death in the world. Since organic raw cashew is a great source of good fat, it is a good fat alternative. The soluble fat taken from cashew will not clog in the brain or in the arteries. This good fat is commonly known as monounsaturated fat or polyunsaturated fat. It is a kind of fat that is soluble and good for the heart. They reduce the bad cholesterol, also known as LDL, for patients who have heart problems or diabetes.

LDL is a kind of fat that accumulates in the body by eating too much meat and fried food. They form plaques and they block the arteries. This can result to diseases like atherosclerosis. Now, when you buy cashews in Melbourne and eat them regularly, you will decrease your body’s LDL and increase your HDL, which is the good fat. The result is a lower blood pressure and reduced risk of developing a heart disease.

Roasted Cashews Develop Healthy Muscles

Organic raw cashew is rich in magnesium. It is a mineral that naturally occurs in the body but we also need it from external sources. Magnesium helps develop the bones and muscle tissues. Lack of magnesium can result to a chaotic processing of calcium in the body. As a result, this can lead to bone diseases like osteoporosis. In addition, it has a role to play with the functions of insulin production. This is why roasted cashews are good for people with diabetes. It regulates blood sugar levels.

This makes it important to buy bulk roasted cashews even more. Without magnesium taken from roasted cashews, no amount of calcium can make your bones stronger. If you got a bone fracture, calcium supplements in the form of tablets will not do you any good if not coupled with enough magnesium. It is magnesium that helps process the calcium to make it useful to the bones. It is also magnesium that suppresses the production of parathyroid, a hormone that causes bone disintegration.

Roasted Cashews Can Reverse Diabetes

Can roasted cashews be used to reverse fat? Yes! One thing cashews do is to reduce fat in your blood and arteries. Once plaque is formed, our arteries get clogged and they distort your blood flow or circulation. Eating roasted cashews can help reverse this situation by reducing the bad fat or LDL in your body.

You see, obesity is the leading cause of diabetes type 2.  And this only means that controlling your weight and getting it back to where it should be, to your diabetes.

Apparently, obesity damages our organs, too. This leads to the body failing to recognize our insulin levels. Or it can totally fail to produce enough of it to transport the glucose into the cells. Sedentary lifestyle is a culprit in obesity. This is because the fat that could have been burned by moving was just stored due to inactivity. Furthermore, the fat that develops into plaque has something to do with the feeling of numbness in several parts of a diabetic’s body.

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