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Graina Bulk Food Store: Nuts and Seeds Melbourne

In Nuts and Seeds, Almonds is the most consumer nut in Australia and specially in Melbourne.  Recently Organic Nuts have become highly popular in Melbourne and buying Organic Nuts online in Melbourne has increased quite a bit.

Almond is a seed produce by a tree of the same name. Native to the Middle East, North Africa and India the fruit consists of a hard outer shell and inner seed (almond). As previously stated almonds are actually the seed of the tree and not a nut at all. Now a popular and extremely versatile food item, almonds can be found at Graina and you can buy almonds online, in a variety of forms such as:

  • 1.Vienna
  • 2.Cinnamon
  • 3.Slivered
  • 4.Blanched
  • 5.Roasted
  • 6.Natural
  • 7.Activated
  • 8.Smoked
  • 9.Tamari

Due to increase in gluten free diet and finding such gluten free flour is hard and specially for baking. People of Melbourne have turned to buying Almond flour online. There are two types of Almond flours, One is the Natural Almond meal (it includes almond skin) and the other is Blanched Almond Meal.

Blanched Almond meal or Blanched Almond flour have a range of health benefits and can be incorporated effortlessly into one’s daily meal plan. 1 serve (28 grams/1 ounce/small handful) contains:

  • 3.5 grams fiber
  • 6 grams protein
  • 37% RDI vitamin E
  • 32% RDI manganese
  • 20% RDI magnesium
  • 161 calories

Blanched Almond Meal or Blanched Almond flour is high in antioxidants. These help protect us from disease and slow the ageing process. Show me someone who wants to get old and ill show you a liar. Blanched Almond Meal are being included into the diet of vegans and vegetarians.  Without an adequate source of protein one can feel weak, tired, unmotivated and susceptible to illness.

Also available at Graina are activated nuts and seeds. Activation is a process whereby the nut or seed is soaked for 24 hours in water then dried out over a low heat. It is believed that this process allows for full absorption of the nutrients where normally a lot of the goodness would pass through the body. Graina has a range of activated products including:

  • 1.Pepitas
  • 2.Almonds
  • 3.Cashews
  • 4.Buckwheat

It is important to know what to look for when shopping for Organic nuts and seeds in Melbourne and specially buying organic nuts online. Many large brands and supermarkets can shelve products that have been in transit and on the shelf for a long time leaving them soft and unappetizing. When searching for a high quality almond or Blanched Almond Meal *cough* Graina *cough* look for firm texture, bright outer colour and white inside. A poor quality product will be small in size, soft, bitter to taste and have a yellowish tinge to the flesh.

Also available at Graina is almond butter and coming soon almond milk (stay tuned to our social media for updates). Almond butter is great to use in smoothies, shakes, baking and as a replacement to peanut butter for a more nutritious spread. We make all of our nut butters fresh in store and add no salt, sugar, oil or preservers. You can actually watch as we grind down the nuts in front of you. Feel free to bring your own container or jar and have it filled with the freshest nut butter in Melbourne. Also available in butter is:

In summary Organic Nuts and special Blanched almond meal can be easily included into your diet. Look for freshness when shopping and reap the rewards of anti-ageing, high protein natural goodness. If budget isn’t an issue go activated for a more nutritious snack.

Buy organic nuts or Blanched Almond Meal or flour online at GRAINA or you can come in for a visit at Moonee Ponds Central to see our huge range of Organic Nuts and specifically Blanched almond meal.

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