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Posted on April 29, 2019 by admin

How are Organic Nuts Advantageous for my Health?

One of the main reason I always failed to stay healthy was that of the constant indulgence in the fast food. This started to show several side effects on my health and body. I started gaining weight, my cholesterol levels were higher and blood pressure was never normal. This is when I finally decided to switch to a gluten-free and organic lifestyle. Ever since then, I feel a lot better even without taking medicines regularly. In Melbourne, Australia it is necessary to stay fit and healthy without any fatigue and enervation.

Before I switched to the gluten-free and organic diet, I suffered a lot. My health deteriorated rapidly and within a few months, I had heart issues and a lot more. I visited a nutritionist who recommended me to switch to healthier and organic diet. I was always a big fan of nuts. And not only a few, I liked every kind of nuts. Almonds

, walnuts, cashews

and macadamia nuts

etc. I loved them all. So, I decided why not take a start with these.

Organic nuts in Melbourne are widely used. They are available in every form of packaging and now in bulk food stores. Moreover, you’ll find a vast variety of organic nuts in almost every marketplace nearby. I usually prefer eating nut salads combined with fresh fruits and vegetables. This is not only low-carb but is healthy and nutritious as well.

The best thing is that the dishes I usually make out of the organic nuts in Melbourne normally takes 15-20 minutes. Amazing, isn’t? It helped me lose a lot of extra pounds which eventually resolved my cholesterol and blood pressure issues as well. I usually tend to use nuts in a variety of different dishes which are not only scrumptious but are also loaded with high-density nutrients as well.

Organic nuts are advantageous in several aspects some of which are listed below. Eating the organic nuts in Melbourne has certainly helped me in numerous ways. Have a look at the advantages, you’ll know for yourself.

Prevents digestive issues:

Digestive issues are really common these days. All because of the consumption of unhealthy diet. Adding some amount of organic nuts in your daily diet really helps in resolving these issues. Every single diversity of nuts has loads of fibers which is really beneficial for the stomach and the digestive tract. It also allows the bowel to move smoothly through the track which eventually adds bulk to the stool. Honestly, ever since I’ve added nuts to my daily diet my stomach issues reduced to half.

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Helps in losing weight:

Since there is a high content of fiber in nuts therefore after a consumption of a few nuts you’ll start feeling full. It inhibits the release of ghrelin (a hormone which prevents a fat person from overeating). Nuts also contain a high quantity of nutrients like vitamins which makes you feel full. This ultimately results in losing weight.

Resolves major heart issues:

I started using organic nuts in Melbourne

when my I was diagnosed with the high cholesterol and blood pressure issues. After using the nuts regularly, both my cholesterol and blood pressure stabilized. Most of the nuts often contain “good cholesterol” which helps in recovering from heart issues as well. Obviously, the good cholesterol helps in reducing the dangerous cholesterol which ends up resolving the heart problems.

Prevents dehydration:

Most of us avoid drinking water. Which is not really a good habit, which ultimately leads to dehydration. I always preferred juices over water which is why dehydration was also a major problem I usually faced. But after eating nuts regularly, this issue resolved as well. Nuts contain a large amount of potassium which helps in maintaining the cellular fluids and water balance normal. This means no dehydration if you are having nuts in your diet regularly.

No more Anemia:

Iron and copper, both of these essential nutrients are required for proper functioning of red blood cells. Organic nuts in Melbourne help in preventing anemia as it restores the lost minerals like iron and copper in your body. Isn’t it astonishing?

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How do I eat my nuts?

I use prefer my nuts in milkshakes and fresh salads. Both of which are really beneficial. For the fresh salads, all you need to do is cut and chop the fruits and vegetables of your choice and add the nuts to the bowl too. Make sure you add nuts more than the fruits and vegetables. I usually top it off with fresh juice dressing and a bit of sugar too. Trust me it is really scrumptious than it sounds.

For the milkshake, I put in some almonds and dried fruits with a cup of milk and sugar. After blending it for 3-4 minutes, your milkshake will be ready. You can also add some ice if you want too.

There are numerous different type of dishes you can make with nuts. Make sure you add them to your diet in order to maintain a perfect body balance and prevent major health issues. Just like I do. Trust me!!! You’ll love the healthy lifestyle too.

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