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Posted on April 29, 2019 by admin

Here’s Why You Should Practice Waste Free Shopping

Many cities have promulgated laws banning plastic from shopping. This is why on July 1-2018 new law will be enforced which will enforce plastic free shopping in Melbourne. Plastics are harmful to the environment and the only thing it does good is that is it easy (and cheap) to make and convenient to use. Plastic free shopping in Melbourne is an advocacy that you need to support out of care for the planet. In case you didn’t know, plastic pollution is a real and palpable problem across the globe. They accumulate as wastes and they destroy wildlife and wildlife habitats. Plastic free shopping in Melbourne born out of this fact.

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Why be Concerned?

For perspective, it is estimated that there are 500 more times plastic in the ocean than there are stars in the Milky Way galaxy. And soon, plastic will become a problem that can be beyond our abilities to fix. All the more reason to participate in waste free shopping in Melbourne. Waste Free shopping in Melbourne is highly encouraged because plastic is made to last forever. They are non-biodegradable. This means they do not dissolve in soil or water. They do not disappear. And when they do, they turn into dust and release toxins that contaminate soil and water. As a result, if we do not do waste free shopping in Melbourne, we are essentially contributing to this contamination. We are harming animals and slowly killing them.

Reduce Plastic Accumulation

Plastic free shopping in Melbourne is mandatory because we do not want to contribute to the amount of plastic waste that is already out there. More than eight million tonnes of plastic is wasted every year and these are dumped in the oceans. Accordingly, there will be more plastic particles in the sea than fish 30 years from now. In fact, 300 billion pieces of plastic particles are found in remote islands and uninhabited places like the Arctic and the Pitcairns. The result of this is simple: about 99% of sea birds would have consumed it within 30 years. If you participate in waste free shopping in Melbourne, you are helping us reduce the rate of plastic accumulation globally. And you are also helping reduce pollution.

Reduce Toxic Elements in the Ocean

Plastic free shopping in Melbourne is a great way to participate as a citizen to reduce the death of fish and other marine creatures. Plastics in the ocean smell like food. As a result, fish and marine life are attracted to it and eat it. Plastics also act as magnets to other pollutants. When fish eat plastic, they eat the poison attached to it. Sea turtles are the common victims of toxic plastic waste.  This is because the turtles think that plastics are jellyfish. Floating plastics are also mistaken by sea birds as food. If you care about these animals, you must participate in the waste free shopping in Melbourne movement. Scientists predict that marine plastics can kill around 600 species of marine life. They call it the sixth mass extinction of life on Earth.

Clean the Air We Breathe

Plastic free shopping in Melbourne is great because we do not contribute to the harmful elements that plastic emits to the air. As mentioned earlier, even if plastics dissolve by photo-degradation, burning, or through chemical means, they are not really gone. They turn into plastic dust. They are washed into waterways, used to fertilize food, and they are picked up by wind.

Wrap Up

And when they do end up in the air, we breathe them. If you become an advocate of waste free shopping in Melbourne

, you are essentially helping us reduce the likelihood of health hazards among humans. An example of which is the mutation of sex hormones. Waste free shopping in Melbourne prevents the accumulation of plastics in the environment. Plastics bind to globulins and this affects the production of androgens and estrogens. As a result, some humans may experience a retardation of gonadal and sperm development.

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