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Graina Bulk Food Store – Organic Muesli

Organic Muesli is a versatile type of food because you can put it together however you like, it doesn’t have a set recipe and can be made of conventional ingredients or gluten free muesli or just a mix of your favourite nuts, seeds and oats.

Typically, Organic toasted muesli in Melbourne contains oats, nuts, seeds and dried fruit of all varieties and can be served with milk or yoghurt or even just eaten dry. Gluten free muesli generally have coconut flakes or coconut threads as a filler instead of oats.

Organic toasted muesli is a light and healthy breakfast food or a great, nutrient-rich snack. Organic Oats provide great amounts of fibre and help to keep you feeling fuller for longer. Organic Oats are known for lowering blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels and for containing antioxidants which help to reduce the signs of aging.

Organic Toasted muesli or gluten free muesli also contains, Nuts and seeds. These provide protein, fibre and healthy fats which are essential for healthy cells and regular body functioning. Dried fruit can add sweetness and extra vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, potassium, added fibre, B vitamins and vitamin E.

You can make organic toasted muesli in Melbourne by buying only organic fruits, oats, nuts and seeds which removes the potential for nasty chemicals used in pesticides and growth hormones entering your system while providing you with adequate amounts of dietary fibre, protein and vitamins and minerals. Likewise for Organic Gluten Free muesli, replace oats with Organic coconut flakes or organic coconut shredded/threads as filler.

Organic toasted muesli and Gluten free muesli is becoming more common in Melbourne as people are becoming more aware of how our food affects our health and the way our food is grown.

Granola and muesli are similar however granola is generally oats and fruit without as many nuts and seeds, made to accompany yoghurt which makes a great snack especially while on the go!

It is often wondered whether oats are gluten-free or not and the exciting answer is yes, they are. This is great news for coeliacs and people with gluten sensitivities, but it is important to check where your oats are manufactured, as they could be cross contaminated with products high in gluten and so may cause reactions in people with sensitivities. The same goes for muesli, if you are wondering if your muesli is gluten free it should be as long as it doesn’t contain any other gluten containing grains, and that you know that the ingredients in your muesli are not cross-contaminated or contain gluten. It is usually safer to make your own muesli if you are looking for it to be gluten free by buying your own organic or in-organic, gluten free ingredients to make your gluten free muesli.

Graina Bulk Food Store has a range of healthy and nutritious Organic toasted muesli, Organic Gluten free muesli and granolas in- store and plenty of wonderful organic and in-organic dried fruits, oats, nuts and seeds available to make your own versions of muesli. Whether it be organic muesli or gluten free muesli or a sweet and fruity muesli Graina has what you need! There are even paleo options which do not contain any oats but an amazing mix of nuts, seeds, fruits and flavours of cinnamon. Come into Graina and try some today!

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