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Posted on April 29, 2019 by admin

Facts About Gluten-Free Muesli And How To Make One

This article is dedicated to anyone who cherishes breakfast. You are the people who understand the importance of eating healthy breakfast before starting their day. We all know the importance of eating breakfast as it improves metabolism and provides us with the boost of confidence we need. However, choosing the right meal to start off our day is important.

In my recent findings, I realised the fuzz. It is important to eat breakfast everyday.  You hear it a lot, right?

‘’Do not skip your breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day.’’

I always skipped breakfast. I did not have enough time to eat breakfast daily. However, I discovered Muesli and my life changed. I will explain.

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The Basics

You might be wondering, what muesli means, so let me start with that. Muesli

is a healthy form of breakfast. It is a mixture of different ingredients, to make fibre-full whole meal. There are three types of muesli and each has their unique purpose.

Fresh Muesli – soaked overnight in fruit juice or water to make a concoction

Wheat Muesli – contains organic oats and soy, the oldest form of muesli

Gluten-free Muesli – contains no starch or sugar.

I will be writing on the gluten-free muesli because I would like to share with you some of its benefit and also share some few tips on how to make one.

Gluten-free muesli is the healthiest version of breakfast cereal. Since it is gluten-free it means it does not contain gluten that a lot of the population is now becoming intolerant towards. It is healthy and mostly organic. You prepare the mixture by yourself and you will have the liberty to control the ingredients as you so please.

An important fact on eating gluten-free muesli is its low cholesterol level and its high fibre content. Fibre is really helpful to the digestive tract because it really improves metabolism and reduces bloating.

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How to Make Gluten-Free Muesli?

You will make use of organic ingredients such as oats, fruits, coconut, toasted pumpkin, low fat yoghurt, nut mylk, fresh juice and apple.


  • Mix oats, nut mylk, and low fat yoghurt into a bowl.
  • Let the oats blend well with the mixture
  • Stir sliced coconut or toasted pumpkin in a separate bowl and add cups of fruit juice
  • Mix the two mixtures together
  • Drink within eight hours

Wrap Up

The best part about having gluten-free muesli

is that you do not have to worry about getting starved before noon. A bowl of muesli gives you a fresh start of the day because it is filling. You are consuming a bowl of whole grains, there is no way you will not feel satisfied for the rest of the day. You might just realise how much money you can save of food when you do not skip breakfast. Finally, these ingredients are not inaccessible for consumers in Australia. You can visit my shop in Melbourne, Moonee Ponds and I will be happy to help you with these ingredients and many other recipes.

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