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Posted on April 29, 2019 by admin

All You Need to Know about Organic Nuts

I consider organic nuts to be an essential part of my daily diet, and I believe that the consumptions of nut attribute significantly towards the betterment of my health. Back in the days, I randomly bought generic nuts from the grocery store, and I would notice a difference in the smell and taste of the nuts. Ever since, I switched to buying organic nuts in Melbourne, the taste and smell of the nuts has gotten better. Also, I was concerned about the high calorie content of the generic nuts, and it kept me away from benefiting from the health benefits of eating organic nuts. I have noticed that the natural food stores in Melbourne are always crowded with people, and everyone is on the move to buy organic cashews

. On the contrary, no one prefers to buy packed and generic nuts from a grocery store, which proves that the demand for organic nuts has grown over the years. If I am having a busy day, I resort to buy nuts online from an authentic organic nut shop, and I have my parcel delivered to my doorstep.

Organic Nuts vs Generic Nuts

Initially, I was not concerned about the difference between the two types of nuts, and I would settle down with the option that seemed approachable to me. The consumption of non-organic and processed macadamia spiked my blood pressure and cholesterol level; however, after I switched to organic nuts, I noticed a difference between my cholesterol levels, and I felt active throughout the day. In my opinion, the organic nuts and non-organic nuts can be differentiated as follows:

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Organic Nuts

  1. Organic nuts are extracted from their natural sources, and they are not tampered with chemicals for improving their lifespan.
  2. Organic nuts contain high levels of nutrients in them.
  3. Organic nuts can be grated without any hassle.
  4. Organic nuts are capable of extracting oils from them.
  5. Organic nuts can be stored for a long time without losing their taste, flavour, and crunchiness.

Generic Nuts

  1. On the contrary, the nuts extracted from natural sources are tampered with a series of additives and preservatives for improving the life-expectancy of the nuts. These chemicals, however, prove harmful to the nuts in the long run.
  2. Generic nuts are deprived of their nutritional wholesomeness; therefore, they do not benefit our bodies in any way.
  3. When it comes to grating non-organic nuts, they are tampered with humidity and moisture, which makes it hard to grind them.
  4. Generic almonds do not extract oil from them right away.
  5. Generic nuts cannot be stored for a long time, and they begin to lose their flavour and crunch within no time.


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Health Benefits of Organic Nuts

Organic nuts have benefited my health in several ways. It contains of high traces of antioxidants, fiber, vitamin, magnesium, protein, and other nutrients, which has improved my health extensively. Organic nuts have the following health benefits:

  1. It helps me in keeping my systolic blood pressure low.
  2. It helps me in maintaining my weight.
  3. It contains large amount of fibre in it, which makes me feel satiated throughout the day.
  4. It has lowered the risk of developing metabolic syndrome in my body.
  5. It has decreased the levels of my bad cholesterol and it has upped the levels of good cholesterol in my body.


Wrap Up

Over the years, the use of organic nuts in Melbourne

has grown significantly over the years, and it has increased the demand for organic nuts too. In the past, I was not too familiar with the wholesomeness of organic nuts, so I made the best out of the generic and non-organic nuts that I could find in any store. Either, these nuts would become stale in few days or, they would lose their crunch in no time, which wasted my money in a way. Now, I am more aware of what I eat, and I always make sure to buy organic almonds

and shop macadamias

from an organic store. I am more aware and concerned about my health, and I am ready to take measurements to improve my health significantly.

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