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Posted on April 29, 2019 by admin

A Brief Guide to Understanding Different Spices and their Aromas

Any loss that is irreplaceable and inescapable is a great loss, and I experienced a great loss when I lost my grandmother to the course of nature. Despite the support system that surrounded me, I found it hard to cope with the loss. I began travelling to several places across the globe, and I resorted to learn the cultures of the places that I visited to overcome my grief. I was open to travel anywhere I could find solace or, a mean to overcome my grief, and during my journey, I found myself wandering in the streets of India, and I felt gravitated towards the aromatic appeal of the spices adorned carefully in Indian bazaars. The aromatic pull of the spices was intense, which provoked me to learn about the use of spices in aromatherapy, and I managed to acquire certain spices in bulk, and brought them back to Melbourne with me. I began experimenting with the spices for therapeutic purposes, and I noticed a difference in my mood, which became optimistic and positive, and I also noticed a remarkable difference in my health. I decided to further my research and I found astonishing facts, which are prescribed as follows.

Use of Spices for Aromatherapy

During my research, I found that the aroma of spices is inescapably related to our senses, which provokes our mood. The aromatic appeal of spices is rich in healing properties, which can be used for steam inhalation and massage. Also, organic spices can be used in essential oils, to enhance the healing factor as a whole.

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Cardamom is widely regarded for its aromatic properties, and it makes an excellent organic spice to cure the ailments of a poor digestive system. The scent of cardamom is often considered to be uplifting and compelling, which helps its user to feel better in several ways. I personally prefer adding whole cardamom to my cup of chamomile tea before I sleep, and I wake up feeling relaxed and fresh.


I have always regarded cinnamon for its antiseptic and digestive properties, and I often use it as a natural ingredient to cure the ailments of cold and flu in my family members. The scent of this particular spice is captivating and compelling at the same time, and I prefer to add cinnamon essential oil to my diffuser to diffuse its rich aromatic and healing properties around my house. I have noticed that by doing so, we are able to continue with our day without any stress, and it also helps us in sleeping well at night.


Cumin in general makes an excellent organic spice; however, it is also widely regarded for its strong aromatic and healing properties. Cumin, when used in conjunction with cloves, makes an excellent remedy for headaches, migraines, and allergies due to its high antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It also promotes healthy air in your house, which is associated with uplifting your mood and lowering your stress levels.


Ginger makes an excellent aromatic compound, which cures the ailments of morning sickness and nausea. I have experimented with the aroma of ginger, and it alleviated my stress to an extent. My daughter was diagnosed with food poisoning, and I immediately resorted to using steamed ginger for her to abate her symptoms of nausea caused by food poisoning.

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Juniper berries

If you are to buy spices online, you can find high-quality juniper berries at a reasonable price. I was informed of the healing properties of juniper berries; however, I learned that juniper berries when used with organic turmeric, makes an excellent aromatic compound, which proves beneficial in uplifting your mood and making you feel better.


Nutmeg makes an excellent stimulant and tonic for correcting your digestive systems. When used for aromatherapy purposes, it helps the person to alleviate their fatigue. Inhaling nutmegs also improves the circulation of your blood. If you are feeling low, you can mix nutmeg oil and organic turmeric powder for a little pick-me-up.

Wrap Up

Commonly, spices are known to add a taste to your food. However, if you buy spices online

, it is best considered to purchase whole spices and grind it according to your preference. By doing so, I found that the aromatic properties of spices are enhanced, which benefits you in several ways. Organic turmeric powder in Melbourne

is also used for many purposes, or they can be mixed with the following spices to increase their aromatic properties.

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