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Posted on April 29, 2019 by admin

A Brief Guide to Prepare Organic Dried Fruits at Your Home

It was not too long ago, when I made a random visit to my nutritionist’s office, and he recommended me to start eating organic dried fruits to improve the condition of my health. I was worried, as I thought my health was in a good condition. He told me that I have a high risk of having cholesterol so; I should start taking measurements to improve my health conditions.  However, finding organic dried fruits in Melbourne could be a tedious task, so I started looking for recipes online to prepare organic dried fruits at home. I simply bought few fruits from my local market in Melbourne to prepare dried fruits at home. I also bought organic white mulberries and organic fig to add variety to my recipe.


To prepare dried fruits at home, I decided that what type of fruits I would add to my recipe. Of course, I bought berries, apricots, bananas, apples, and plums to prepare an organic dried fruit mix. I also bought figs, citrus peel, papaya, peaches, and kiwis to prepare my recipe of organic dried fruit in Melbourne. For drying the fruits, I usually dice and cut the fruits into thin slices, and I lay fruits down on a parchment covered cooking sheets to separate the slices from one another. Once I am done slicing and dicing the fruits, I decide whether to dry the fruits in an oven or under the sunlight. At certain times, I consider toasting my sliced fruits under the sun for few days then, I toast it in an oven to add crispness and taste to the slices.

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If I am drying the sliced fruits in an oven, I generally preheat the oven to its lowest setting at 150-200 degrees, and I allow it to toast the sliced fruits until they are dried. Depending on the thickness of the fruits, I allow them it dry in the oven for 4 to 8 hours. Also, I tend to check on the progress of the organic dried apricots and organic dried banana

to make sure that it does not burn. The drying process could take several hours; however, I refrain from adjusting the heat of the oven to speed up the drying process.

On other days, when it is hot and warm in Melbourne, I choose to prepare my dried fruits under the heat of the sun. I take precautions to make sure that the humidity or pollution in the air does not spoil my organic figs and organic white mulberries when the fruits are drying. It requires at least 3 to 4 days for the fruits to dry completely in an outdoor setting. Once the fruits have dried, I add organic sweeteners to my organic dried bananas to add flavor to it. Then, I carefully store the dried fruits in an airtight container, which I store in a cool place in my kitchen.

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Health Benefits of Organic Dried Fruits

High Fiber Content

My nutritionist has strictly recommended me to increase my consumption of organic dried fruits, as the high fiber content found in them can improve my health extensively. I was told that organic dried fruits contain more fiber as compared to their fresh counterparts. The consumption of fiber has improved the function of my digestive system, and it makes me feel alert throughout the day. Organic dried apricots

contain 6.5 gram of fiber per cup, whereas, their fresh counterparts contain only 3.1 gram of fiber per cup, which is good for my health.

High Nutrient Density

When drying the fruits, most of the water is evaporated from the fruits, which squeeze the nutrients into one place. It results in increasing the nutrient density of the dried fruits, which is considered good for anyone’s health. Organic dried bananas and organic dried apricots contain high levels of beta carotene, potassium, vitamin E, calcium, and potassium in it, which has improved my health to an extent.

Low Fat and calories

Organic dried fruits in Melbourne

contains little to no fats and calories in them, which makes them an excellent pick for preventing cholesterol in my blood.

Wrap Up

I eat my share of organic dried fruits on a regular basis with a glass of juice and milk, and it keeps me full throughout the day. Organic dried fruits in Melbourne have a better shelf life as compared to fresh fruits, and they are full of nutrients. If you too are looking for ways to improve the quality of your dietary intake, add some dried foods and see the different for yourself. As far as buying dried fruits is concerned, you can simply visit a reputable bulk food store in Melbourne such as Graina.

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