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Posted on April 29, 2019 by admin

5 Reasons to Shop at a Bulk Food Store

Back in time, when there were no advancements in technology, it was really hard to store bulk foods, especially in summers. Ever since the latest technologies like refrigerators, fridges and microwave ovens became mainstream, storing up food has become really simple. Honestly, I store up loads of food without worrying anymore. If you look up at the items in the supermarket, you’ll find a variety of different foods packed and sealed in order to provide the best before. But at a great cost to the environment, as 99% of the packaging is single use plastic, which are designed to be thrown away after use.  These plastics do not decompose as mostly they end up in landfills or worse in the oceans. In contrast, the bulk food stores

generally use paper bags which can be used to fill what you need or you can take own container and then fill it up with what you need. Here is a list of benefits which will make it easier for you to prioritize bulk food store instead of visiting the store daily. Have a look.

1. Save Big Bucks

Well, you see buying an individual item costs more than buying in bulk. Obviously, individual packaging, advertising, and labeling will cost more and is therefore expensive. While on the other hand packing the items in a bulk not only requires less effort on labeling and advertising but it is cost-efficient as well. Amazing, right? Well, this is also one of the reasons why I personally prefer buying food in bulk

. I honestly save a lot of extra bucks for savings and shopping.  However you need to be careful where you buy from, there are some ‘brands’ that just price gouge the hell out of the products and it becomes more expensive to buy from a bulk food store compared to the supermarket.

2. Save the Environment

Most of the items are usually packed in plastic are dangerous not only for us but for the environment as well. This eventually concludes that less the individual packing less will be the waste. You might have already heard that the root cause of all the pollution in our environment is mainly due to plastic. This means purchasing from bulk food store will help in preventing millions and tons of trash from entering landfills. Generally bulk food store provides paper bags that I use to pour the product I want, but I take my own containers and them tared before I buy any products and then just pay for the products. After all, no one of us wants to pollute the Earth more for the upcoming generations, right?

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3. Get More for Less

One of the main reasons I switched to buying items from the bulk food store is mainly to get more items at a relatively lesser price. Obviously, who would miss an opportunity like that? Well, getting more items at less price is really hard these days. According to a research buying food in bulk can help in costing almost 89% less!!! Yes, I looked it up and that is the exact figure. This is also the reason why I switched to buying bulk than rushing to the general store again and again. Also, the store that I go to in moonee ponds (Graina), they have a great members program where I get to save 5% every time I shop there and also they have a 20% off members special day every month.  Now that’s a great deal.

4. Save Time

Do you have a tiring schedule and a busy routine like me? If yes, then buying grocery and other stuff from bulk food store is definitely the answer you’ve been looking for. See, I don’t get time to shop more often. So, I prefer rushing to the bulk food store one a month and grab everything for the next whole month.  I do the effort to take my jars to the bulk food store and fill them up with the goodies that I want. So, I have usually spent less time worrying about the grocery. Stocking up food and other basic necessities has really helped me save loads of time!

5. Buy Any Quantity

Another reason why I switched to buying stuff from bulk food store is that I can get most of the organic products in the exact quantity. Whether I want to buy a kg or more of nuts or just a pinch of curry powder, food bulk stores have always been the best.

Wrap Up

So, what do you think? Most probably buying food in bulk is a perfect way to save money, time and our environment as well. Other than this, you won’t have to rush to the supermarket every time you need some item immediately. So, make sure you think this through first then take the next step. In my opinion, you’ll never regret getting stuff from the bulk food store.

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