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Posted on April 29, 2019 by admin

4 Superfoods and their Superpowers

I recently moved to Melbourne from a small town named, Stratford. Back in Stratford, I worked as an employee at a local bulk food store to pay off my bills. However, during my employment at the store, I learned about the benefits of various superfoods, and why is it important to add them in my meals. However, after moving here, I had trouble in finding organic superfoods in Melbourne

, and it turned me into researching for the best organic food stores that offered superfoods in bulk to its customers. Finally, I found a store that offers organic superfood powder to its customers in bulk quantity, and I stocked up my favorite picks of superfoods powder from the store in general. I have prepared the list of the superfoods that I prefer the most, and I will mention that why and how these superfoods could be used.

1. Beetroot Powder

I consider beetroot powder

as an essential part of my diet, and I believe that its nutritional value has played a role in improving my health significantly. I use beetroot powder in several ways. I have learned that beetroot powder plays a role in decreasing the risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. It also plays a role in improving the health of our skin and hair. It also helps me feel energized throughout the day.

Typically, I take a few teaspoons of beetroot powder, and I add it to salad dressings or salads to improve their wholesomeness. I also like to use beetroot powder as an alternative food coloring to add color and texture to the meals that I prepare on a daily basis.

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2. Cacao Powder

Organic cacao nibs are another type of cacao beans, which are converted into powdered form. It contains no sugar or fats, which makes it ideal for me. Cacao nibs

contain large traces of nutrients in it, which nourishes our brains and bodies in several ways. I have learned that cacao powder is an organic superfood, which adds wholesomeness to our meals. I like to use cacao powder or organic cacao nibs in several ways.

To make the best use of cacao powder

, I take a considerable amount of cacao powder, and I blend it with organic cream and organic milk to prepare a healthy smoothie. Also, I also like to sprinkle organic cacao nib on top of smoothies and frozen yogurt to add more flavor and wholesomeness to it.

3. Spirulina Powder

Back in Stratford, I was informed that spirulina powder is beneficial for health, as it contains large traces of nutrients, which can help me with the development of my brain and body. I was told that a single tablespoon of the superfood powder contains 21% of copper, 11% of iron, 4 grams of protein, 11% of vitamin B1, 4% of Vitamin B3, and 15% of Vitamin B2 in it. Also, spirulina powder contains traces of manganese, magnesium, and potassium in it, which is good for my bones.

I use it spirulina powder

as a protein and energy-boosting powder to get me started with the day. I most likely add a small teaspoon of the superfood into a glass of water and juice, and drink it with an empty stomach before breakfast. It makes me feel charged and energetic throughout the day.

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4. Chlorella Powder

I highly recommend taking chlorella powder as a superfood due to its health benefits. It is a superfood extracted from health, and it contains large traces of chlorophyll, which cleanses my body. Also, I have learned that chlorella plays an important role in the detoxification of our digestive system.

In addition, chlorella powder

contains high levels of minerals, protein, vitamins, and antioxidants in it, which helps in improving my immune system. It has also helped me with my weight loss journey.

Wrap Up

I am considerably careful when I use chlorella powder in my meals. I always mix a half tsp. of the power with plain water and fruit juice to neutralize its taste. I also like adding it to my smoothies and green juices for improving its nutritional content. To conclude, I would like to add that when it comes to buying superfoods, or for that matter, any food item, it is advisable to go for a bulk food store. By buying food in bulk, you not only get to save a significant sum of money, but are also able to get your hands on high quality food items freshly sourced from farms and distributors.

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